Google Chrome Backup

Google Chrome Backup

Google Chrome Backup backs up and restores Google Chrome and Chromium profiles
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As the name suggests, Google Chrome Backup backs up all your browser's data, like history, preferences, bookmarks etc. with just a single click of a button. These data can be restored later in case the existing data are deleted during a system reinstall. It also supports Chromium, the portable version of Google Chrome.

The program has a simple wizard-based interface, from which you can back up and restore your data very easily. It also supports profile backups for multiple users. You can make a profile backup with password protection. Along with password protection, you can also set the level of compression you want for your backup. You can create new profiles for Chrome and Chromium with some advanced options, and these can be accessed from the desktop, as a shortcut, or directly within the browser. You can also delete the existing profiles if you like, or you can merge them with an existing backup. Google Chrome Backup can be accessed from the icon in the system tray. It comes in five different languages.

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